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How To Get A Fuck Buddy

Author: Dan Richards

How To Get A Fuck Buddy

Having a fuck buddy sounds amazing and for some perhaps it's the ideal relationship! But how do you actually get one? Before bringing up the topic, you should consider whether you have a good relationship with the person, and whether they have given any indication that they may be interested in this type of arrangement. It is also important to communicate your intentions clearly and honestly, without pressuring the other person into anything they are not comfortable with.

How To Get A Fuck Buddy

What To Say

Here is an example of how you could bring up the topic:

"Hey, I wanted to talk to you about something that's been on my mind. I really enjoy spending time with you and I find you attractive. I was wondering if you would be interested in exploring a more physical relationship with me, with the understanding that it would be purely casual and without any commitment."

Or maybe;

"Hi, I really like you. I'm not really looking for a romantic relationship right now, but I’d love to explore something more physical and intimate with you. What do you think?""

However you approach it, it's always important to note that it's also possible that the other person may not be interested in this type of relationship, and it's important to respect their decision and boundaries.

How To Get A Fuck Buddy

Where To Find A Fuck Buddy

Casual Sex And Hookup Sites

There are more traditional ways to find a fuck buddy, like at a bar or club, or at a party etc but by far the easiest and most effective way is by using a hookup service like or who provide a safe environment to exlore and find new partners.


Unis are filled with men and women willing to sexually explore and experiment. Students tend to be far more promiscuous and more open to less conventinal relationships. If you're current in uni it should be relatively easy to find yourself a fuck buddy.

Social Events And Gatherings

Parties, weddings and dinner parties are all great places to meet a potential fuck buddy. It sounds obvious but people often miss opportunities at social events.

Nightclubs, Bars And Pubs

Bars and clubs usually are for for one-night-stands, but it is still possible to expand that sexual encounter into more - or more often!

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