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What Does a “Friends With Benefits” Relationship Mean to a Guy?

Author: Caroline Soin

A FWB relationship is probably a guys dream come true! All the sex without the annoying relationship stuff, right? But do guys get attached to friend with benefits? Is it really just raw hookup sex, or are there feelings involved?

Do guys get attached?

A “Friends With Benefits” relationship for a guy usually just means sex with no strings attached where both parties know that feelings are not involved and things won't deepen into something more serious or meaningful. However, there is always the chance that feelings will development no matter how much either party tries to resist it. The more time you spend together, the more chance there is of bonding. We are all wired to feel emotionally close to whoever we are intimate with. There is nothing unique about men that makes them incapable of becoming emotionally invested in their FWB partner. Guys may not automatically fall in love, but there’s a good chance that they’ll at the very least become attached. They're only human too!

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Signs a Guys is Falling for his FWB

1. He gets jealous when his FWB talks about seeing other people.

2. He talks to his FWB on a regular basis and conversations are deep and meaningful.

3. He introduces his FWB to his family.

4. He calls or texts regularly to say he misses his FWB.

5. He wants to spend more time with his FWB.

It's Not Always That Simple

When it comes to FWB relationships, it is easy for things to get complicated. It's important to remember that if a guy starts developing feelings, it doesn't make him weak or less of a man; in fact, being emotionally honest and vulnerable is just as strong as physically showing strength. The best way to ensure that both parties are on the same page and feel respected is to communicate openly and often so that each partner has a clear understanding of what the other wants from the relationship. If a guy can be mindful of this then FWB might actually be a positive experience for him that helps him grow more confident and comfortable embracing all types of intimacy within relationships.

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